Monday, September 7, 2009

Wedding Season…done!

 FUNLast night we went to a wedding of one of Hubber’s co-workers and friends.  It was a fun night.  I wanted to show you my new dress:  IMG_2400 IMG_2401 IMG_2402 My handsome Hub.  Yes his tie matched my dress.IMG_2404 Having some fun!

Our busy summer of weddings has come to a close!  (We had 4 this summer).  One more in the fall (in which I’m a bridesmaid) and then we’re clear for a while!



P1020661 After my manicure (didn’t have time for the pedi – the place was packed!) I made a quick salad of baby arugula, tomatoes and balsamic vinaigrette.


…was at the wedding.  I had mixed steamed veggies, candied yams, rice and salad. (It was buffet style).  Of course I also had wedding cake – it had mango and pineapple fillings…heavenly!



Today I had some Kashi H2H with almond milk and strawberries.  I’m in need of a grocery shop big time!


Hubbers made mini pizza bagel bites and I had a few of those…the horror, I know.  I also had a vegetable soup from Panera.


My mom made us dinner.  She made salad:


baked ziti (actually baked rotini),


and I had the rare scoop of ice cream – it was mint chocolate chip though…how could a girl resist?


I just did some strength moves and abs while watching tv.  Now I’ve finished my tea and off to bed.  Tomorrow’s an early morning for my first pre-work run!  Allow me to go set my alarm…yeesh.



Mary Sailors said...

I LOVE the Kashi Heart to heart, it is SO sweet with rice or almond milk!! Great dress!

Joanna Sutter, My Favorite Things said...

I love weddings for the wedding cake alone!

And right now I am obsessed with all of the reality TV shows that make wedding cakes. They are so so crazy creative.

Oh, and I agree with Mary...beautiful dress (and killer shoes!)

Andrea said...

Thanks girls!