Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back to School!

That’s right, boys and girls…it’s time!  Today was my first official day back.  We had no students today, just meetings, unpacking new materials and setting up classrooms for tomorrow.

Today was also my first day of pre-work running.  My legs were a little confused, but it wound up turning out ok!


I began a new training program for a 10K (I’m most likely doing the Nike Human Race on 10/24 in NYC).  The program is through Runner’s World’s Smart Coach.  Today was a two-miler.  Perfect for breaking into a pre-work running routine.

Distance:  2.01 miles
Time:  18:09
Avg. Pace:  9:00/mile
Max HR:  182 bpm
Avg HR:  171 bpm
Calories:  211 (25% fat)

Not too shabby.  While on the topic of running, I have to tell you all about the coolest thing I learned about today at my professional development session.  Tara Costa from The Biggest Loser is an alumni of the school district where I work.  She has set up a foundation for education and fitness and their first event is a 5K on October 3!  I am totally doing it!  I have my friend’s bridal shower that day, but I surely can squeeze both into one day.  It’s such a great cause and I was always a fan of Tara’s.  Several of my coworkers are doing it also.  It’s going to be fun!




P1020668I was wanting something simple and also was out of many groceries, so I had some Kashi H2H, almond milk and sliced banana after my run with a tall glass of water.


Snack was a CLIF mini chocolate chip bar and lunch was pizza with the ladies.  I had a thin crust slice with chopped eggplant on top.

After work, I went to TJ’s for a shop.  Look what wound up in my cart and became my afternoon snack: 


It’s ba-ack!  So good! 


After unpacking groceries, I poured myself a glass of Sauvignon Blanc.  Cheers to me for first day of school!


Speaking of cheers…my hubby cheered me with these:P1020672

He always gets me roses on my first day and last day.  Isn’t he the sweetest!  They were beautiful and so fragrant!

P1020674 Not a bad combo at the end of a long day, huh?

P1020675 I also got these pumpkin goodies from TJ’s, which are making me giddy with anticipation.

Joe also helped with dinner:

P1020676 Yup, lobster ravs and vodka sauce.  Easy peasy lemon squeezie!

P1020677 Served with some fresh parmesan cheese and baby arugula salad with tomatoes and red onion and a splash of balsamic vinaigrette.  Perfection.  Oh and maybe a second glass of wine…with seltzer in it.  Can’t go too crazy now!



Mango tangerine sorbet.  Delish!

So tomorrow is my real first day.  I’ve already made my lunch and planned my outfit.  I’m like a seven year old.  I can’t wait to meet my students and get this party started!

It’s early to bed tonight for another early morning!  Night!