Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Productive Afternoon

This afternoon's lunch was leftover quinoa salad from last night's dinner. It was delicious.

I had the salad with some watermelon:
And two Newman's O's. I wanted a little treat.

After lunch, I realized I had nothing to do today. I decided to make my afternoon productive and took on a project I've been meaning to take on for quite some time now: painting doors and trim. First on the agenda was slapping a new coat of paint on my entryway door trim that a fabulous friend's hubby custom made for us:

Next was paining upstairs trim. Let me preface this by saying, the previous owners of our home did NOT do things properly. They left a lot of projects half done. I give you exhibit A:

That is the guest room door - disregard hubbers's pull-up bar. Notice it is not painted. It is pre-primed. Notice the door casing is also not painted. It is not stained. It is just unfinished. Notice the ugly fingerprints on this unpainted door. This door is still unpainted. However...

my bedroom door and casing is painted!

The linen closet door and casing is painted (note to self: put doorknob back on!).

And the bathroom door, which was painted, is touched up. Those babies look beauteous.
I only painted two out of the three that needed it, but like Meatloaf once said, "Two out of three ain't bad." And I was high as a kite from paint fumes.

After washing up, (I used water from the dehumidifier to clean my brushes and rollers... super green!!), I had a little snack:

I'm off to the store to buy hubbers his milk. I forgot it at TJ's yesterday. Then it's going to be a pizzeria up in here tonight! woot!


April said...

T is so excited to have a mention on your blog. HA The trim looks great!! Ah...seems like just yesterday he and M were measuring and making a trip to the home improvement store. HA HA

Andrea said...

Haha, it does seem like only yesterday. Come back!!