Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mama Mia!

It was pizza night in our casa tonight. I used my TJ's whole wheat pizza dough, made some tomato sauce and added lots of veggies!

53 points if you can guess whose half has mounds of veggies and whose half has broccoli.
I had some leftover tomato sauce which I'll save for a pasta night. It came out delish!

Hot, steamy goodness.

Seriously misshapen dough. Pizza stones are hard :( Also, 94 points if you can guess which one is lactose intolerant ;)

My slice of heaven. I had this x2.

After dinner, hubbers and I took a walk to the ice cream store so he could get some 'scream. We took puppers with us...he was thrilled. The walk took us about an hour there and back. It was nice, but I totally underestimated how far it was and wore inappropriate footwear (ie. Tory Burch flip flops).

When we returned to the pizzeria I had a juicy plum and a BIG glass of H2O.

It was nice to get in some more exercise today after this morning's disappointing run. Time to relax, hit the sack and see what tomorrow brings!