Sunday, October 25, 2009

So Much to Say

FUN???I guess??? We went to see Paranormal Activity last night. For most of the movie I felt ok about the insanity I was watching. For the rest I was completely horrified.

This chick popped into my head several times during the night. I was not happy about it. She is a freak.

There was a group of teenage girls (probably more like tweenage honestly) who belonged in the Hannah Montana movie (if she has one out right now) rather than this movie. Their screaming and giggling kind of ruined it for me. We definitely told them to shut it a few times during the movie. If you can’t take the scary, go see a G movie homegirls.

In other news, I got a little hair upgrade today:


Don’t mine my unmade bed and clothes strewn over my dressing table bench. Also don’t mind that blurrified pic. It was the best I could do with my ‘berry.

And the best news yet… I’m going here today:

Jack Rabbit

Jack Rabbit is a running/yoga/swimming/biking store in NYC where they custom fit shoes for you after running on a treadmill and analyzing your “biomechanics.” Sweet. Maybe this will ease my groin pain? I’ll be back later with an update. I have a sick feeling in my stomach that I’m going to wind up with shoes sized in the double digits. Gross.


Glorious eats from the past few days:




Brekkie a la Mama Pea. A honeycrisp apple cut into chunks and microwaved with cinnamon for a minute topped with plain Chobani and TJ’s pumpkin spice granola. Delightful, delicious, delovely.

Honestly, I don’t know where the rest of Friday’s eats have gone…or quite frankly what they were. I know I stopped at TJ’s after work and got these:



It just so happened I needed an afternoon snack, so I dug in right in the car! Delish!

I also know my morning snack was this:


New flavor for me. Deliciously exciting. Did not disappoint. You can get an exciting peek at school events via my desk calendar. Yep, we’re visiting a news studio next week on Wednesday. Get excited fourth grade! We will be standing in front of a fake weather map.



P1020893 Pumpkin pie oats:

  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1/2 cup water and almond milk
  • 1 mashed nana
  • pumpkin pie spice
  • pumpkin butter
  • topped with cinnamon raisin swirl PB

AM Snack:


Vanilla Chobani with Raspberries



When a Long Islander is near All American Drive In, a Long Islander must eat All American Drive In. It’s an icon. It’s delicious. I had a burger, a few fries and a big ole seltzer.

Needless to say, I skipped the pm snack.



My FAVORITE restaurant. We started with the baby arugula salad with shaved parmesan, tomatoes and lemon dressing and the baby beet salad with goat cheese and pistachio and split them up between three of us.

dinner2 I went with the cilantro marinated grilled shrimp with vegetable cous cous and English pea puree. This picture doesn’t do it justice. The puree is 1,000 times greener and 1,000 times less Exorcist throw up color.

Oh Reagan, you will always scare the pants off me…

and apparently give me inspiration for hair cuts…




Remember this?

imageI whipped it up for breakfast this morning:


Served it with some maple syrup and strawberries and bananas. These little babycakes were phenom. Light, fluffy, pumpkiny. What more could a girl ask for?

Random gross eat:

I ordered a chicken stir fry…Thursday I think? It came like this:


Would you like some stir-fry with your sauce? Why do people think this is a good idea? Who eats this? Apparently I do. I remove veggies and chicken strips from the saucy madness onto another plate and begrudgingly eat it. My fingers swell from sodium intake and I must drink mass amounts of water with lemon and then get up to pee all night. Never again. Next time it goes straight back.

We’re leaving for Jack Rabbit in about 45 minutes. Time to get out of my jammies and get this party started!!