Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Friend Joe

By now you should know that I have a fondness for Joe, Trader Joe that is. I usually go to spend some time with Joe by myself, but today Hubbers got in on the action. We browsed the aisles sans grocery list and just picked up what looked good. My favorite kind of shop!

First a quick pit stop to Starbucks. I got a venti unsweetened passion tea. It’s my summer drink of choice.

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Here are the goodies:

P1020561 Ice cream and 2% milk for Hubbers, Mango Tangerine sorbet for me, organic yogurt, string cheese, Almond Breeze, organic eggs

P1020564Organic broccoli florets; a papaya; organic fugi apples; grapefruit, organic strawberries, peaches and blueberries; organic baby spinach x2; trail mix; bananas


Organic chocolate syrup (for Hubbers), hummus, sparkling pomegranate juice (cocktails??), freeze dried strawberries (Hubs), dark chocolate almond cookies, mini peanut butter cups, Kashi H2H, Clif and Zbar, Fiberful fruit strips, brownie mix (Hubs requested)


I sampled some mini pb cups…dear me.


Overflowing fruit bowls make me giddy.


I also got these tea tree oil cleansing pads to use as a toner after washing my face.

That’s all she wrote! I’m off to read some of The Time Traveler’s Wife and we’re heading over to Mumsy’s for dinner tonight!