Friday, August 7, 2009

Inspiration from Strangers

I'm going a little chronologically out of order today, but I wanted to share the meaning behind my title. I woke up this morning ready to run after yesterday's day of rest. I set out to run 5 miles. It was a beautiful morning. I took a new path and just enjoyed the scenery and the sunshine. Around mile 4 I decided I was going to make this a 6-miler. I was feeling great! I paused to walk for about 30 seconds at mile 5 because I had a little side stitch. There was an older man power-walking on the opposite side of the street. He yelled out "How many miles?" I held up five fingers. He said "five miles? Wow! That's great! I strive for 1 and a half, but I'm a lot older than you and it's getting hot!" I agreed that it was warmer than I thought. I told him I was shooting for one more mile. He said I was looking strong...not at all like I'd already run five miles and yelled out "You Go GIRL!" I mean how can you NOT run another mile after that? It felt great to get some encouragement from a total stranger! I've got to try to find him again! When I was through, my Nike+ iPod lady told me my stats. Then I heard Lance Armstrong's voice! He congratulated me on my longest workout so far! I know it's a pre-loaded message, but I've gotta tell you...I felt like a superstar! Here are my stats:

Distance: 6.02 miles
Time: 59:35
Avg. Pace: 9:52/mile
Calories: 599
Power Through Song: today's power through moment was my motivating friend!
Ok, I've got a lot of eats to catch up on! Let's start with yesterday's lunch:

A beastly salad of organic baby lettuce mix, shredded carrot, cuke, grape tomatoes, yellow bell pepper, sliced almonds, goat cheese and Annie's Goddess dressing. YUM! I also had a slice of Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin with Earth Balance and a dark chocolate square.

Afternoon snack yesterday was a little Tempting Trail Mix from TJ's. I cannot get enough of this stuff...seriously.

Another salad...same greens as lunch, carrots, tomatoes and Annie's balsamic.

Turkey burger...again (I know we just had these last week...they were so darn good)... and TJ's sweet potato frites.

I ate some frozen 'naner pieces for dessert.

Today's pre-run was:
Ezek with almond butter.

And post-run:
I had all intentions of making a green monster, but when I saw Jenna's post this morning, I changed my mind. Another inspiration! It was a multi-grain waffle sandwich with more almond butter and raspberry preserves. I had a baby dish of blues on the side and some Amazing Grass Berry SuperFood. I mixed it with half almond milk and half water.

I have a busy day of errands ahead and dinner with my cousin to meet her boyfriend tonight!

Enjoy the day all!