Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hey baby, What’s your arch?

I had to share this informative video I found today at Runner’s World.

How serious is that guy when he is analyzing his imprint on the bag?  I had to laugh.  Luckily, hubbers went out this morning to the deli to get himself a breakfast sandwich.  SCORE!  Paper bag!

I did the “Wet Test” and here is my result…


Upon first glance, I thought…normal.

I decided to go kindergarten on it and trace it.


How cute…maybe I’ll hang it on the fridge.

Normal it is!  It’s open for interpretation though – what do you think?  Come on, I know you guys are out there…comment and tell me!

I still think I either over or under pronate.  It’s hard to tell myself.   Since I’m not ready for running shoes until October, I’ll have to wait to find out!

I might as well hit you up with my breakfast while I’m here.



I had TJ’s organic plain nonfat yogurt with some Kashi H2H, Nature’s Path Hemp granola and sliced strawberries.  To drink, I had half a glass of light chocolate soy milk. 

I don’t usually do soy milk, as my friend Jillian Michaels told me that excess isoflavones from soy mimic estrogen in the body prompting your body to store fat.  No bueno.  Upon sharing this information with my little bro, he had a quick fit and had just bought a container of chocolate soy.  He pawned it off on me and said I could afford to have more estrogen than he could.  He doesn’t want to start growing man boobs.  I’m not a proponent of wasting food, so I’ll take one for the team.  It is pretty darn tasty.

As we speak, I’m snack-a-roo-ing on TJ’s PB-filled pretzies.  I can’t deal with how good they are and how I forgot about their existence.  God bless those Healthy Living Summit girls for reminding me!

I just ate 5, but I’m going back for another little handful.  Seriously.  Get them. 

Oh yeah, and dip your foot in a pan of water and step on a bag.  It’s enlightening.